Sunday, March 15, 2009

Running at dinner time..

I love that our move to Georgia has re-ignited my fire to run. Partially, I think that's due to having just a lot more time. I'm not as involved yet in church, school and community activities as I was in Ohio. But also just being home with my family 24/7 causes me to sometimes want to run away fast... I'm joking of course.

Today I ran at dinnertime. It has been quite sometime since I remember running at that time. Back before children, my hubby and I would run every night at about that time. The best part is the smell. Each house or block has it's own. Tonight I smelled bar-b-que, stir fry and I really believe hot dogs. Each smell brings a different drifting thought.. menu plans, a reminder to plan a parent night out, cookout memories.

Then when I arrived home just as dinnertime was quickly approaching, everyone helped throw together a big serve yourself salad bar. What a wonderful Sunday evening!

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