Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tunes & Balloons

Our family visited the Macon Cherry Blossom Balloon Glow last evening. The traffic was horrendous... but it turns out we were the lucky ones. Some folks we met sat in traffic for hours. So the lesson learned is, you'll hit traffic at any time, but earlier is better!

The Balloon Glow had a stage with great live music. Our littles couldn't help but dance. We stayed busy with the inflatables. There were 5 large inflatables - 2 obstacle courses, a little jumpy house, huge slide and even a rock wall! All for one wrist band fee of $10. There were other activities as well - the boy scouts were there with activities, some food and tethered balloon rides were advertised - though we must have arrived too late for those.

At dusk came the stars of the show - the hot air balloons. We unpacked our picnic basket and enjoyed the show. They light them up and they glow beautifully. We weren't sure what to expect as far as "action". Being our first trip to the Balloon Glow, we weren't really even sure when the action actually began. But that's what they do, they take turns lighting them up. And every once in a while the police officers sound their sirens and all of the balloons light up at once.

Kids had a great time and were tuckered out. Hubby and I were able to enjoy spending time together while the littles tuckered themselves out. And the whole trip was under $25 (2 wristbands/$5 to park). Fabulous weekend fun :)

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