Sunday, April 26, 2009

Alert.. total gushing family post ahead...

My children have just been the cutest little people going this past week. I think we are finally settling into our new home emotionally as opposed to just physically. I think the result of that is their joy (and spunk ;) have returned.

Little pixie has the song back in her heart. Ever since she's been little a strong beat just pulls her. She's like Big Baloo on Jungle Book. She can't help it. Yesterday we were at the BX. My attention was directed at the merchandise in front of me. Someone in electronics turned on some very catchy dance music. Out of the corner of my eye I see her head start to bob. She's trying to control it. She's so painfully shy that any attention would be dreadful in her eyes. So she's being low key. But then her body starts to move. She's just grooving and bobbing so much that she gives in. Now she's facing electronics and shaking her little way over to find the origin. People are taking notice. She notices and immediately jumps back to my side... only a head bob remains.
"Good music eh?" I ask.
"Yep. Music like that, I just feel it in my bones. Can't help it." Bless her heart!

Little man is convinced that he's grown. At Disney he drove the race cars. This experience has prepared him for the world in his eyes. Last week I pulled into the school car line to pick up Little pixie. I stopped close to the car in front of me. We all snuggle in line so the maximum number of cars fit in the drive. He yells from the back seat, "What'd ya stopping for? You should bump 'em mom!"
But my favorite is today... though I can't let him know. In church (new parish that I love... very traditional), little man decides he can't take it anymore. He is not well rested and cranky. We excuse ourselves to have a "discussion" outside of the sanctuary. Just as we exit he yells, "I'm going to wait in the car!" As though ever in his little life that has been an option. The last few pews had some muffled giggles and I had to cover my face.

So pardon my gush... but I'm certain they are their old selves again!

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