Saturday, April 4, 2009

Menu Planning for week of 4/4

Tonight's dinner: beef hotdogs, raw veggies, grilled pineapple

Sunday: Pita Pizzas (make your own), caesar salad

Monday: Penne pasta w/ bacon, cheese & tomato (can you believe that's a weight watchers recipe???), salad

Tuesday: Mexican chicken in the crock pot, whole wheat tortillas, salad

Wednesday: Pork Tenderloin, asparagus, roasted red potatoes

Thursday: Ham & Swiss sandwiches, Sweet Potatoes w/ Orange Honey butter

Friday: Beer battered fish, tater tots, salad

Saturday: Order out pizza & .... salad LOL!

Easter brunch: Banana Nut Muffins, Chocolate Chip Muffins, fruit salad, 2 quiches (1 veggie, 1 meat and cheese), hashbrowns, bacon, sausage gravy

Make-aheads: Baked Oatmeal w/ apples and raisins, Baked Eggs w/ tomatoes & chives

Lunches: macaroni & cheese, egg salad, leftovers, pb&j sandwiches


Anonymous said...

Your menus always sound so fabulous! I look forward to reading them each week.

Jennifer said...

Why, thank you! We've been a little off track with vacation... that menu wasn't fabulous at all.. but I'll be blogging about that stuff later! Thanks for taking the time to comment!