Monday, April 27, 2009

Useless Microchip!!

This is a story about my little buddy Jesse. Jesse is a beagle mix that greeted me when I returned home from grocery gaming at Publix today. Jesse is a sweety but was quite thirsty from wandering around in the Georgia sun. This is important because in our Georgia county, the shelter destroys dogs that are in the shelter too long. I am with holding comment as this is about Jesse... but I encourage those who are able to support their local Humane Society. As a pet owner I find it frightening that my beloved Lab could find himself in a kill shelter... so once I knew Jesse was friendly I checked her collar. She had 2 tags: a microchip tag and a vet's rabies vaccination tag. I called the microchip place and they were able to tell me Jesse's name. She sure did get excited once we figured that out! Unfortunately Jesse's family never updated their info. We tried the vet tag as well. I'd hoped they could trace the family through the vaccine # plate. They did, but unfortunately still had the same old info. Eventually a neighbor thought that she might know where Jesse lived. So she walked her down the way. I haven't been able to confirm yet that Jesse is safely back home.

Moral of the story... emergency contact info isn't worth anything if we can't find you in an emergency! Right?

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