Sunday, June 14, 2009

200 under 200

So I have a new cookbook to add to my pile of favorites: Hungry Girl 200 under 200. Everything in the book is under 200 calories per serving. I'm talking some good stuff too! Cap't Crunch milk shakes, Vanilla Thrilla Java Float, Mini Microwave Chocolate Cake... Blooming Onion, "Fried" cheese sticks... those are just my favorites. There's a ton more - well 200 total! Granted they make use of some ingredients that aren't the most natural, ie. Splenda, processed foods. But for me it means taking the time to live a little and still fit my jeans.. well live a lot :)

Tonight I had the Vanilla Thrilla for a little extra boost. We are having company tomorrow but also will be spending the morning at the pool - so no time to tidy tomorrow. So I got my java fix for only 2 points. And best of all, the drink really was like a coffee house iced coffee drink! I finished my drink & work and went for a quick spin around the neighborhood :) And it cost fractions of what a coffee house drink cost! - so I'm marking this post thrift too!

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