Monday, June 29, 2009

Homeschool Day 1

Well it's almost 9 a.m. Little man slept in so Little Pixie decided to start her work before he woke up. Our normal routine has us on our own until the last person has started eating breakfast. Then we all read a devotional together over the table. Most of the time we are all within a half hour. This wasn't the case today, and that sort of worked to my advantage.

Anyway, she burned through a lot of the scheduled work... as expected. But not Math. Math is our stressor. She looked at the review sheet and immediately began with the I don'ts... I can'ts.. I was thankful for the opportunity to explain that I am not going to go over her work with a red pen and mark her errors. Instead I get to look at what she hasn't learned yet and teach it to her.

I like to frequent, especially the Learning At Home board. I don't recall the user to credit, but when asked whether she assigns grades to her children's work. She replied yes, but only 2... got it, or not yet. We're currently in not yet... but working for got it.

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Sherrie said...

That's a great outlook when it comes to grades. I, however, have that teacher in me, so I do keep grades but it's more for my sake than anyone else's. But -- I use the typical K-2nd grading scale (E, S, N, U). So, it's not as harsh.