Saturday, June 27, 2009

Week of phase into hsing

So this past week I decided to start the process of phasing into homeschool life. I decided upon starting next week because of a couple of reasons. First and foremost because my little pixie kept asking when we could crack into all these new Sonlight books. She loves to read and the books were just calling her name. Actually both children have been found just touching, browsing and shopping the shelf. I have to admit, I've spent sometime organizing and reorganizing in anticipation as well. Secondly, we have our foundation set. My first priority was establishing some household routines that would enable us to get the work out of the way first. This way the house isn't falling down around us as I attempt to educate. We have all settled into our responsibilities and are ready to move forward. Lastly, we have had enough summer to get bored and tired of same ol' summertime fun. We've dug gopher holes at the park. Packed every favorite lunch for the pool. Though to be honest I have saved some of the best fun to work into my early weeks of homeschooling... sort of a see how much fun this is?

So what is phase in? For us phase in was adopting a similar rhythm to our day as we will have next week. We've been going out to play or on outings early. Then lunch and some reading to prepare for quiet time. Little Pixie has had some independent "work" such as writing letters to friends and family during our work period. She's also began reading her Readers during quiet time.

Little Man began his Sonlight P3/4 this week. For him this doesn't mean much, it's pretty much life as usual. But I like knowing that I've made a consistant effort to share some special time with him. We read Noah's Ark and If You Give A Mouse A Cookie. We talked about pairs, baked cookies and played some board games. He also added the letter 'S' to his portfolio of letters. We're still working on colors and shapes. It's a little difficult as sometimes he just doesn't want to perform tricks. He'll just give a shrug and say "don't know." Other times he'll be falling over himself to correct me on my colors or shapes. I almost certain he has them all but just want to make sure.

I've considered starting a list on the side with all of the books that we're working through for the year. But with Sonlight and 2 Cores it would quickly get out of hand. I think I'll just throw all of these under the education tab for a loose record.

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