Thursday, July 30, 2009

Catch up menu plan

I'm calling this catch up menu since we are completely playing catch up. A week of sickness, travel and a birthday just threw us for a loop! So here's the meals that we didn't get to yet and some new ones threw in for good measure...

Last night: Angus burgers, potato salad & baked beans

Tonight: Chicken w/ Mushrooms & Green onions, Baked Bulgur, Kale & Fruit Salad

Tomorrow: Pork Chops, Broccoli Delight (from the crock pot), Baked sweet potatoes & Polenta Puffs

Then: Southwestern rice, refried beans, corn

Finally: Chicken & dumplings from the crockpot, bread

Today we are hosting a neighborhood tea party. My Little Pixie's idea. She's handled everything to include the menu. We are serving: Lemonade, Confetti Cake (layer cake from her easy bake oven), Oatmeal bars & chocolate brownies. The neighbor kids will be so amped up on sugar that they may never be allowed over again!

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