Monday, July 20, 2009

Do you find that when you have the most material to blog about you just don't have the time? That is completely the case here! So I'll give a quick run down and then potentially come back later with a little travel fun.

I haven't had menus to post because I'm currently cheating and using someone elses :) My little pixie has always has had a dairy sensitivity. To see whether some of our challenges with her are caused by this sensitivity, we are following an elimination diet. To make my life a little easier I am using this GFCF menu at Frugal Abundance.

My little man is currently covered in hives... after eating some nuts... again. Yes we went through the challenge with flying colors. Now we are back at square one. Keep little man in your prayers. Poor little guy is itchy and miserable.

In school news, we've finished Usbourne's Peoples of the World. We enjoyed many of the hands on activities that this book inspired. Yogurt drinks, dress up, art projects... great fun. I did find parts of the book questionable but since it was a read aloud I was able to just skip or correct.

Much more to report but little man has his head stuck in his arm hole... so off to rescue him!

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