Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Minor adjustments...

All in all we've done pretty well this week. I did learn that the Math U See level I purchased is a little advanced. Just barely, but enough so that we are going to circle around and refresh the previous level. No biggie - they all use the same manipulatives, so it's not very expensive.

I also learned that I do not care for the layout of our science curriculum CHC Science 2. It seems as though it is teaching just random facts in no particular order. It's sort of driving me a little nuts. This week was exocrine system, next week down on a duck, following week red blood cells then dabble in astronomy before circling around. It just seems disjointed. But I love the messages with the science lessons. So I am going to jump around the book doing similar topics together and supplement with some other resources. Which will beef it up to a 2x per week activity instead of just once. This is a huge plus for my little science queen.

We also have located a new Spanish class for little pixie. She had a wonderful Spanish teacher back in Ohio, but she ended up heading to Spain anyway. Little Pixie will try it out next week to see if she's at the right level to participate. The other children are a bit older but just getting started so we shall see. Fingers crossed!!

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