Friday, August 28, 2009

Chocolatier, I am not.

I have a cousin who is a master chocolatier. She makes beautiful chocolate as a business. She's been making chocolate and candy since we were young. But she lives in Ohio... and I wanted some homemade goodness.

So I decided to make chocolate dipped pretzels. They are my favorite. And I wasn't going to microwave, over cook my chocolate either. I'm doing the REAL THING. So I set up a double boiler. Laid out every cookie sheet I owned covered with wax paper. I hand picked through a 2 pound bag of mini pretzel twists to make sure there were no broken pretzels in my pile. After all, I wasn't going to allow any damaged goods into my top of the line chocolatier quality candy. I was going to limit myself, my family and a treat bag to about half of the recipe. The other half was going to be properly squirrelled away for a rainy day treat. After getting the kitchen fully prepared, I settled the littles into their quiet time activities. I could stand no interruptions for the magic that was about to happen.

The chocolate was blended 1 bag white coating to 1 bag semi-sweet chips. It was beautiful and glossy. I hand dipped maybe 5 pretzels before the first 2 fingers on each hand became enrobed in chocolate. 5 more pretzels and the chocolate began to cool in layers on my remaining fingers. Each dip added chocolate. Soon I developed what appeared to be Mickey Mouse hands. I tried to keep them out of the chocolate but it was mighty messy. A couple of time I just washed them to regain mobility but that was just wasted chocolate. I considered licking them but I'm a Weight Watcher girl and can't afford the points if I intend to actually eat a pretzel.

After all of this effort I looked over and had 20 tiny little pretzels sitting lonely on cookie sheet number 1. Two more cookie sheets were lined up closely to accomodate the flurry of activity that had been expected. To the right was 2 pounds of tiny pretzels waiting for their turn. I just didn't have it in me.

I washed my hands. Dumped the pretzels in a bag. Crunched the daylights out of them. Dumped in raisins. Poured the whole concoction into the chocolate and dropped it onto the waiting cookie sheets.

The chocolates are fabulous. They'll have to last a long time. I'm sticking to cakes.

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