Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mummy Love...

We are firmly immersed in Ancient Egypt and King Tut. I've presented the littles with the idea of making mummies per these instructions. In the beginning everyone thought this would be fabulous. Now it is a matter of great debate. Little Man cannot wait to make his mummy. Little Pixie deeply loves and treasures everything that she creates... even a mummy. She has decided that since the mummy will need to be "buried" (read: thrown away); she would rather just not make one. She clearly stated that she would rather miss out on the fun of the activity than have the heartbreak of throwing it away. Bless her heart. She is very sensitive... however we can't live in a bubble to keep from anything hurtful... So I am going to encourage and have the materials available for her to participate with Little Man & I. Hopefully she will be able to join in and enjoy herself.

This activity will be one of our fun projects during next week's break. I can't believe we've schooled 4 weeks since our last break!!! This time is flying by... I guess time flies when you're having fun =)

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