Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Time to start thinking about the holidays!

My favorite time of year starts at Halloween and ends sometime after New Years Day. I imagine there's a lot of us that share this view. This year I am crafting aprons.. I believe I have professed my love for the apron before. This year I would like to have something fun and festive for each month. I started with this one from Taylor Made Designs pattern booklet. Super easy to follow and looks very professional when complete. Mine is candy corn and orange. I love the detail of the rick-rack.

Why not plan out a little something fun for yourself or home before the season is upon us and we are just trying to keep up? Now is the time!


Sherrie said...

So cute. I actually think I tossed all my PC aprons. LOL! So, I assume you sew? I have a hard time sewing buttons. Cute blog girlie!

Jennifer said...

Thanks lady! Gotta check out yours... get some teacher secrets ;)