Monday, October 26, 2009

4 the love of Math U See

Some of you may recall that one reason we began homeschooling was to make up for a math deficit. Little pixie was memorizing math, but it was obvious that the fundamentals just weren't there. For example, she struggled with the idea that addition meant there was more of something. She could answer some random facts but those were just the ones committed to memory. Most were not... so 3 + 1 = would bring on panic, a blank stare or tears. Not exactly the best foundation for entering 2d grade. Others weren't concerned at all. I going to say that it's because Little Pixie is so extremely guarded that she wouldn't let a new teacher see the panic. She'd just provide any number as quickly as possible.

When I decided to homeschool, my plan was to circle back around and begin again. Other's ~ teachers and homeschoolers, suggested that was too extreme, wasteful of precious time. I also switched technique completely from Saxon to Math U See ~ which seemed a little "out there" to me but works beautifully for my Little Pixie. For us this was best... the reinforcement of the "why"s with the "how"s has really made math click for her.

We are averaging one to two lessons per week. Depending on the topic we've even done 3! We only move on when she is really ready. She is now really getting it. I'm so proud of her. Beyond "getting" it, she has lost her math phobia. No more tears over math. This has probably been the greatest satisfaction in homeschooling her so far.

Today, we started subtraction. This is something brand new. Something that I was prepared for resistance about... but no resistance was to be. She watched the video with me, because we've found that works best. Then I present and practice the lesson with her. Then we work through the worksheets. Normally just 1 practice sheet and 2 -3 review. She really is quick at picking up math concepts when presented this way.

So there you have it, my glowing recommendation for Math U See =)

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