Saturday, October 3, 2009

Apple Pecan Pie

Last year I sent an apple with little pixie everyday for snack. Some days it would come home half eaten and I would remind her to please not save the core. It must be eaten and thrown away. Most days nothing came home and I was pleased that she was getting a healthy snack. So of course it was a great go to for this year.

I say to her, I'll send an apple with you for snack just like last year. Her and I make a special trip to the grocery for a big bag of apples to celebrate the beginning of her co-operative. She helps me pick out the apples. We wash some. I put one in her lunch sack.

Little Pixie says, "Mom, don't put it in there. I don't eat apples. Then I just have to throw it away at school." You know that's about the time that I'm thinking.. AT ANY POINT IN THIS PROCESS, you could have said something. But you wait until this very moment.. night before, bed-time, packing snack... So I smile, cut up some carrot sticks and delight hubby with this:

Apple Pecan Pie
6 apples, peeled, cubed
3/4 c sugar
1/2 c pecans
T butter
t vanilla
T flour
t cinnamon
double pie crust

bake 350 for about 50 minutes.

Little pixie did volunteer to make apple cutouts on the crust. Bless her heart =)


Sherrie said...

You need to come raid my pantry/fridge and bake me something. LOL! That's about the only way something is going to get baked around here. :) I'm glad she's having fun at co-op!

Jennifer said...

Hahaha... I'll remember that and put you on my random gifting baking list :)