Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Break week

Every month we have a home school break week. We use this week for fun field trips, catch up on anything we might be "behind" in or just to veg out. At the end of the week I always say there is no way in high heaven we'll have another break week. Why?

Because without structure, I go crazy and so do my children apparently.

We aren't even a super structured house. I tend to follow routines but not schedules. We don't even have detailed routines... not something like first spelling, then math, then science... more like breakfast, school, lunch, play...

It's just that by replacing the school portion with just free play, the littles come up with some ideas... and they aren't all good. Last break week I had to carefully explain why it's a bad idea to hold pillows over each others faces - no matter how funny the muffled yelling.

Sometimes I'm in awe of their ingenuity... sometimes I'm in shock. For some reason the shock tends to come more during break week. What's the old saying, idle hands are the devil's workshop. I believe it to be true...

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