Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Egyptian Water Clock..

as described by the Usborne Book of World History.

We taped two plastic cups together at their bottoms. Set them in a large plastic bowl. Punch a hole in the top cup. Fill with water (while plugging hole) and mark the level. Each minute mark the water level. We did so for 10 minutes. We now have a 10 minute timer.

The picture is actually of our first attempt. The hole was too large using a nail. In just a minute all of the water was emptied. Our second attempt was with a sewing pin and worked much better. We actually were able to get the 10 marks in place.

Not to sound silly, but I am unsure how Egyptians actually created this without a clock. How would they know when to mark the time. I'm assuming that they actually marked hours using a sun dial or days by making the initial marks at the same time of day each day? If one of the littles thinks to ask then we shall google it. Otherwise I'm content to let it rest =)

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Barb said...

My boys love science projects. We're going to try this today. We're looking for an interesting science fair project, too. This may fit the bill. Thanks!