Thursday, October 29, 2009

Enchanted Learning

I have heard about this site for years. Some folks I knew in Dayton were unschoolers. They started each day by checking the Enchanted Learning Calendar to be inspired. Which is not a bad idea for all of us, I think. I've visited it for tidbits here and there but probably didn't really see a huge value until just recently. Little man is getting a little bored with the Letter of the Week routine, though I would like to continue to loosely follow their suggestions. Enchanted Learning is awesome for fresh ideas! Today we are working using these two books (counting book, subtraction book) for a little Math activity while we wait in the Drs office.

So I am now a happy member of the site. $20 for a whole year of inspiration for all subjects at my finger tips. Seems like one of the better deals in our homeschooling adventure.


Sherrie said...

I have a subscription to their site, too. I've gotten some of my co-op ideas from there. :) Hmmm...we could have shared a subscriptiong. LOL!

Jennifer said...

I should have known you'd be there too =) Cute ideas! I can get lost there for hours.