Monday, October 19, 2009

PreK & Science

Last week was a lot about getting back into the swing of school after vacation. We only had a couple of days but I'm really excited about all that we've been able to accomplish.

My Preschooler is loosely following the Letter of the Week Prep Program. We're working on all of the letter names, numbers, shapes and colors. Mainly, I think he knows almost all of these things, but it's nice confirmation for me before moving on. Plus it's fun exposing him to new ideas that might not have occured to me before. Last week the theme was eyes, so we spent a lot of time talking about senses.

Above is a picture of our number book we created as part of the numbers activities. We numbered the pages and stuck the appropriate quantity of stickers on each page. Little Man really enjoyed it and was able to go higher than I thought without assistance. Something about boys they just don't seem to want you to know how smart they are.
In Science this year, we are working on Astronomy. How lucky are we to have an astronomer living a couple of doors down. He's super smart~obviously, and loves to share what he knows. It's very exciting for us. Kiddos and Hubby built this model a couple of months ago to hang over our work table.

Little Pixie thought it would be good to hang a key under it. We may add more info as it becomes part of our work.

Last week in Seton Science we explored the atmosphere of each planet.. at which point we learned that some of our colors are a bit off. But decided, we'll keep the model anyway =)

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Sherrie said...

Looks like fun Momma! Keep it up!