Friday, October 30, 2009

The Year Book

One of the things I really love about First Language Lessons is that I can include my youngest in some of the activities. It is clearly on level with 2d grade curriculum wise, but has enough varying activities that everyone can enjoy it. Here's one example. We are currently working our way through illustrating a poem about the year. It's a little addition to the Grammar text, but a huge activity for my 3 yo. He is learning the months of the year and seasons. I love that this poem gives us a chance to talk about many different seasons. We love to reminisce about sledding in the snow and bonfires in the chilly fall evenings.

The above picture is a quick snapshot of their May illustrations. Little Pixie's isn't finished. She requires a lot of time to get things just right... a bit of a perfectionist. I hope she learns to allow herself some leeway. When she completed her drawing, she wrote in the verse neatly as her copywork for the day.

For some reason the verse reminded my son of Jack in the Beanstalk. So that's his illustration. He attempted first to write the title under it, but was frustrated because his weren't really words. So I did the dotted line letters for him to trace and title. I did write in the actual May verse underneath his.

We only fit in maybe one month a week, as other grammar work fills our time. But in the end they will both have wonderful books. I have to say I am quite pleased with FLL for us.


Carrie said...

My son is doing this in FLL now, too! He's loving it! I'm thinking of getting it copied and put together into books for the grands for Christmas! ;)

Jennifer said...

That's a great idea! I may just "borrow" it. It may be fun for us to alternate months or something to combine the kids into one book. I must think on this more... Hmmm.