Thursday, November 19, 2009

2d grade spelling

Here's 2 pages out of our Catholic Heritage Curricula. I have to admit, I'm not thrilled with CHC. My personal opinion is that it is at the very least 1 grade level behind where we are. Now I made the assumption that this was due to our coming home from an amazing Catholic school, which are said to be ahead of the public school system. However a friend who also just recently brought her child home from a public school, also believes they are behind. I'm thinking this is part of the "gentle". Anyway, why are we sticking with it? Well, I guess there are a couple of reasons. But most importantly because spelling is something that is just part of our lives at this stage. We are still working in phonics so that definitely lends to it.

I have found some fun ways to add to this program though. We will spell words with scramble tiles. We use Spelling City to create word scrambles, crosswords and word searches. Another great site for studying & quizzing is Big IQ Kids. and of course we alphabetize and make up sentences. Additional suggestions are welcome =)

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Sherrie said...

Okay, I HAVE to check out spelling city. The other link didn't work, so can you send me that one? We use the tiles to spell/practice, too. I've also gotten to where I make him write them 3x at least 2x during the week. It may be old school, but it's what he needs. LOL! :)