Monday, November 16, 2009

2d grade week in review

We continue with Math U See. Currently we are mastering our -9 facts. Little Pixie is getting quite confident. She even announced today, "I'm good at Math!" Yes, sweetheart you are! This little structure was completed after a worksheet. I guess it's time to invest in legos eh? If you aren't familiar with MUS, these are the little unit blocks that help teach grouping. I can't believe her success especially with mental math. She is adding 3 or 4 addends at a time without blocks or fingers, quickly and accurately.

This is the beginnings of our Ancient Egypt lapbook. We've completed our unit on Ancient Egypt and are conducting a review with lapbooking. Little Pixie was thrilled to do it, and I'm impressed by how much she retained. It has been a little difficult getting her to follow thru with finishing this. It might be that she has just had enough of Ancient Egypt. I think that maybe lapbooking looked more fun when it was a small Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star book, and not a considerably larger egyptian one.

Play-doh ~ an awesome stress reliever... oh yeah for the kids too. No seriously, when everyone seems to want to do their own thing and not be on board with me or the lesson, play doh is a life saver. They can get out some creativity and I can have a little time to accomplish some chores. We can all come back together ready to go a little later.

Finally, our 1st reconciliation prep. Little Pixie was to draw a picture of how she could show her love for all of God's people. She's decided to draw pictures and/or mail letters to relatives/friends. I find this interesting. Her true gift is as helper. She is extremely thoughtful and helpful to those she loves. I notice that as her confidence builds she branches out with her care. It's a wonderful snowball, because as she reaches out to care for others, they respond with gratefulness. This inturn builds her confidence... yada yada yada.. I have quite a young girl on my hands =)

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