Friday, November 13, 2009

Duelling Signs

When this sign first appeared on little man's door I didn't even realize that the duelling fiddles had began. That is the duelling fiddles of the Hatfields & Mccoys.
These are pictures of Little Pixie drawn by Little Man with the Ghost buster circle 'x'. These little signs began a family feud to end all feuds - and I didn't even know until Little Pixie arrived in the dining room sobbing of a broken spirit. He posted these on his bedroom door one Saturday afternoon. The thought that Little Man would even want to exclude her from his room just was beyond comprehension. I gave her a little pep talk about "No girls allowed" being just something that boys do. And that it's not nice and ok to tell him it hurts your feelings. Instead she chose this route:

Little Pixie posted her own exclusion notice. Then to make perfectly clear she made this sign indicating that Mom, Dad & our dog are all invited. Just not Little Man.

Little Man became upset as well. But no tears were to be shed, he's more the "well you have big feet" kind of kid. After a little back and forth they both decided to leave the signs up, but that girls and boys could enter upon invitation only. Which I'm not so sure is a bad idea. Not a rule I would have thought of making, but support them in making on their own.


Blessed Rain said...

Love it! Just so perfectly child like.
As I have a girl and a boy I am sure I will have my own moments like these to come!

Jennifer said...

I'm sure there are positives and negatives to all blends of families. We have really found many joys in having one of each, not the least of which is the comic relief =)