Sunday, November 1, 2009

Squirrelling away the memories =)

Little Pixie has a real love for animals. It's something that is just part of her being. In addition to our normal science curricula, we look for additional opportunities to indulge this love. Our current opportunity is an attempt at earning her animal badge. There are 3-5 projects to complete. Things such as researching her favorite animal, caring for the family pet, etc.

This is her squirrel habitat, which the instructions say: create an animal habitat. Use construction paper and other materials to make the animal comfortable. So now you can see the feather couch, bed w/ pillow and sparkle pink comforter, and the little black thing on the ceiling - why, a ceiling, fan of course! We are in Georgia! But my favorite part? The fact that she used the lid to the shoe box to make a tree. The little perfectionist in her couldn't allow the whole project just be a frivilous activity... she needed to put the squirrel in the correct home =) She's so fun. She was actually so revved up about this project that she decided the night before. During quiet time at bed time she did a rough sketch. The next morning she gathered the supplies, found jobs for her brother to keep him happy and got to work. It took hours... and my house looked like this:

We only got in a math lesson and spelling practice... but how they worked together and her dedication to planning and completing this project... I'm sure it will be one of my favorite homeschooling days for years to come =)

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