Friday, November 6, 2009

Weekly Review

Inspired by this post at Smrt Lernins, I'm going to work harder at posting our weekly reviews. So here's to trying:

Our week began with candy math. We grouped, counted, graphed, added, subtracted, etc. I love doing these activities as much as possible. Little Princess takes over the teacher role and Little Man loves to play student. He's learning and she's proving mastery. The best part is it really just starts with me saying, "How about you all play with your candy? Here's some paper for notes." I wandered in sometime later to find candy the above horses, we ate the evidence =)

We are still in First Language Lessons for Little Pixie's Grammar. Here we are beginning to diagram a sentence. While this isn't an activity that I would normally think ~ wow, now this is fun homeschooling!! But the fact of the matter is, it was extremely helpful in cementing the pronoun & adjective definitions. It was also short and to the point so Little Pixie enjoyed it as well.

At the end of the week, we travelled out to a local corn maze for a presentation and some fun. The homeschool group was presented with a lesson on corn & pumpkins. After a hayride, we wandered the corn maze. It was so much fun! There were little "cornundrum" picture puzzles scattered throughout for us to solve. We purposely tossed aside the map to seek them out. Some were super easy, some we are still pondering but all were worth the search. It was a bit muddy so the folks at the event passed out bags to tie around our feet. We appreciated the gesture... though there's just something about a little boy that makes tidiness impossible =) This picture shows the tattered bag beginning to shred away.


Sherrie said...

Looks like a fun week, and least you GOT bags. We, however, did not. And -- we were a bit muddy, and my wagon...well, it needs to be pressure washed now. LOL!

Jennifer said...

Oh no! No bags!! And your all boy boys =) Did ya have to strip them down to put them in the car LOL!