Monday, December 14, 2009

What are your plans for your Angel Food Box?

So the 12th was our pick up day. We purchased both the signature box and the fresh fruit and veggie box. So for $54 dollars this is what I received: Angel Food Ministries December box.
The meals I have planned (purchased separately in paranthesis):

fish sticks/french fries/(garden salad)

Chicken nuggets/french fries/green beans

Chicken fajitas/tortillas/guacamole/(toppings, corn)

Steak Stir fry w/ carrots, onions, celery,(snap peas), (rice) - make extra rice for fried rice for 2d meal.

Pork Roast w/ carrots, onions & potatoes

Beef & veggie soup, (homemade bread), pumpkin roll dessert from box

Ham (black bean soup), (homemade corn bread)

Ham & cheese quiche

Ground Beef & Cabbage skillet meal

**In addition I have quite a stash of pork chops in the freezer which we will enjoy with the sweet potatoes on 2 separate occasions.**

All snacks will be apples, oranges, kiwi or mango. With (yogurt) and/or (cheese sticks).

Pretty good deal! =)

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