Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hardly Urban Homestead..

but we're off to a great start I think :-)

My current favorite resource for our homesteading desires is The Backyard Homestead. It emphasizes starting off slow to be sure to not become overwhelmed. Which I cannot agree more! So here's our starting venture:

We've constructed 2 raised beds, both 6 by 3 foot. We opted for 2 each 6 by 3 for ease in access. Our old bed was 8 by 6 and while it was wonderful for production, it was impossible for me or the children to access the center without stepping in the bed - which is a no-no. These smaller beds allow all of us to safely and easily participate in the joy of the garden.

We have planted now: cabbage, kale, basil, mint, and a mystery pepper plant. My hubby (*the **real** farm boy) was after a zucchini plant. He chose a plant off of the rack and brought it home. I took one look at it and knew it wasn't zucchini... problem is we don't know what sort of pepper it might be. And my family doesn't do hot... but we've decided to gamble on the chance they maybe bell or banana. So cross your fingers :) Next for planting are: snap peas, heirloom tomatoes and (hopefully) a zucchini plant. As you can see we've already out grown our 2 little beds and have plans for adding one or 2 more next year.

This year we are awaiting the arrival of a trio of blueberry bushes and a dwarf peach tree - we are in Georgia right? I think a peach tree is a required element of the backyard homestead! Of all of this I'm most concerned about the soil needs of the blueberry bushes. I've heard that maintaining the right acidity can be difficult. However I have what seems to be an endless supply of dried pine needles so hopefully that will help. Success stories with blueberries is greatly appreciated!


Sherrie said...

That looks great, and I wish you well. We haven't done anything yet (is it too late now)? Now, if only YOUR hubby could show MY hubby how to do those raised beds. That's what we want this year, but again...nothing yet. Question 1: what do you do UNDER the raised bed?

Jennifer said...

Thanks :-) I don't think you all are too late. We have mainly the "cold" weather veggies like cabbage and kale in now. Tomatoes and such will go in as it gets warmer. As for under the beds, I have heard recommendations to put down that weed protection sheeting but we never do. We've never had weeds get out of control or anything.