Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Over a month!!

Wow how time flies! I came back to my blog with all sorts of exciting topics to post, but realized that it has been quite a bit since I've updated. I'll start with an update and if time allows get on with it.

OK so we've moved to a new neighborhood. The move seemed to take forever! But we are thrilled with our new home and neighborhood. Well thrilled in as much as we are over the moon to be out of base housing... there are some "quirks" we are adjusting to here as well.

Quirk #1 - we leave our porch light on at night for security reasons. I know it's a good neighborhood and all but there aren't street lights here. I have a lot of glass on the front of my house.. which creeps me out a little due to security concerns but it makes it so I don't have to turn on lights for much of the day - which I love. So we consider it a trade off, one porch light at night v. lighting rooms for us in the day. Anyway, the lights are bothersome to some neighbor, can't figure out who though. The neighbors on either side have either my garage or theirs blocking view of our porch. The neighbor across the street is on a slight hill so I'm not sure our light would even reach their living space... anyone else seems far enough removed. Anyway who ever it is has decided their best mode of communication is leaving notes in our mail box... things like, "Your lights are on" so my silly hubby has started to respond with "Your refrigerator is running..." adolescent humor at it's finest.

Quirk #2 - Neighbor dog is afraid of thunder and lightning. What's this got to do with me you ask? Well his owners won't let him in so he either digs under my fence or breaks off a board to come to my house. So he scratches up my back door trying to get in. I wish he'd come over when it's not storming. My dog seems to enjoy his company, except my dog isn't allowed to play outside in thunderstorms.

These 2 things have had me darn near in hysterical fits of laughter with the randomness of somethings... but then again I tend to have an odd sense of humor :-) So that's the house catch up.. on to other things...


Sherrie said...

LOL! You actually had a neighbor leave a note in the mailbox about the light? Oh.my.stars! If I did that, I'd write tons of notes. LOL! We don't leave ours on, and I don't remember if we have street lights.

I can't wait to come over and check out the place. Oh, and the dog...that's so sad. You should put a note in THEIR mailbox. LOL!

Jennifer said...

You are so funny! We can not wait to have you all over as well! My little man is ready for some BOY time!!! (and I'm ready for some momma time :)