Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Veggie update

We've added zucchini & eggplant to our ever growing garden... next year will definitely have a planned expansion of our 2 beds to 4. The cabbage we planted is estimated ready May 1st! Can you believe that??? That's in about a month. This Ohio girl is just blown away by the Georgia growing season. Now if it just holds true, I'll actually be able to get something else planted in there for the rest of the season. Cross your fingners! If I have my new found understanding of crop rotation right - then beans seem like a perfect option. Which is wonderful as I was disappointed to not have space.

While we are on veggie chatter... I ordered some tomato plants from Gurney's. They have an heirloom blend of 6 different plants which seemed too good to refuse. I've never purchased vegetable plants mail order before and am curious as to whether this was a good idea. I'll keep you posted as to how they do - or even when they get here :-)

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