Wednesday, April 7, 2010


This is the station my little man maintains while little pixie is away. He watches and waits for her return. He enjoys her and misses her while she's gone. What a change a year makes! Through homeschooling my children have grown to best friends. This is such a blessing for all of us. My husband is one of five that really have minimal relationships. I am essentially an only, though I say essentially as I come from one of those modern "blended" families. I never know how to answer the question whether I have siblings.. I have relatives that lived with me for a couple of years on and off but that doesn't really count does it? I don't think that qualifies as a sibling bond. But I've veered off course..

The blessing is that my children like each other. Most of the time they are kind to one another. This is a huge change from what it was like when my little pixie was away at school. She would come home overwhelmed and burnt out and just focus that anger on her brother, or internalize it and withdraw. I focus on this relationship between my children on the tough days. This love they share makes it worth it for me.

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