Sunday, April 4, 2010

Civil War Wives

If you'd like to mix a little American History in with your love stories Civil War Wives by Carol Berkin is a great read. It's a nonfiction work looking at 3 women of the Civil War Era. Angelina Grimke Weld was an independent abolitionist. Varina Howell Davis married to Jefferson Davis and I believe very inspirational in her tireless dedication to her husband. Last but not least Julia Dent Grant traditional wife to Ulysses. I love looking at each side of the conflict and how each earnestly felt they were upholding the Constitution, moral responsibilities and doing what was right. Each of the stories are also a love stories... some much more endearing than others. I must admit that I am most taken with Varina and Jefferson. So much so that I've learned that I can visit Beauvoir in Biloxi, Mississippi. Which works out wonderfully for our family. Immediately following Hurricane Katrina my hubby served near Biloxi with relief efforts. The devistation has left a permanent imprint upon him. He really wants to replace that with pleasant memories. I think I may see a road trip on our horizons! But until then I will enjoy some of Berkins other books!

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