Monday, April 5, 2010

Newest addition to our garden

We've added a trio of blueberry bushes to our space. We are all very excited. Though I think it's been lost in translation that it will be 3 years before we have berries... should we get them at all. I hear blueberries are very tempermental, requiring a certain acidity in the soil. We have ours in an area that is rich in pine needles which are said to benefit the small fruit... which I have to say, "Thank goodness we found a use for them other than attracting those freaky palmetto bugs!!"

These blueberry bushes are expected to grow 2-3 feet and produce up to 20 lbs of fruit. You'll notice that there is a tomato cage around each of the bushes for now. That's more for my delightful dog than the bushes. He just loves to roll in my new plantings... or sleep on them. Thus the cages and an added benefit to raised beds. Though if only I could get him to stop peeing around them too...

Oops forgot to mention that the eggplant and zucchini went into the garden over the past week as well. Everything appears to be doing well!

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