Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Yoder's Amish Home

If you should find yourself in Holmes County, Ohio you have to stop at Yoder's Amish Home. There are tours of 2 amish homes, the barn, one room school house and buggy rides. The tours include a room full of Amish baked goods... Mmm! And Amish peanut butter - did you even know there was such a thing? A heavenly blend of peanut butter, marshmallow cream and maple syrup.. yes my sugar level afterwards is enough to cause a twitch but who cares!!

We purchased a tour through this site. It was the most interesting tour I've taken in quite sometime. My friend and I ended up being the only 2 families on the tour that day, which allowed for such personalization it was wonderful. We visited a quilt shop and a family that made the most amazing baskets! If only I had brought my checkbook - which actually was probably a blessing ~ my husband would have hit the roof with my basket wish list!! But the tour guide was truly the key to the amazing experience. She was raised Amish but left the religion in adulthood. She was able to answer very specific questions that we had about the religion and lifestyle.

I have long admired the Amish for their strong faith and unbelievable work ethic. This experience has just confirmed my belief. If you ever pass through Ohio you've gotta detour to Holmes County and specifically Yoder's Amish Home!!

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