Thursday, October 28, 2010

Barrel of monkeys?

Well... no. It's not a barrel of monkeys. But it is a barrel of fresh water! We installed a rain barrel earlier this summer. It's been wonderful through the summer of sporatic showers. Now the fall downpours are keeping if full for sure. It was very easy to install and we can't believe how little rain is needed to fill it. We're considering another barrel for the other side of the house. However that side is outside of our privacy fence and will therefore alert the neighbors to us being a little different. If I intend to sneak in chickens, I need to stay on the down low... and well I have already started planting food out front. Our Home Owners Association seems to be pretty laid back but I feel like I should slowly creep this stuff in, instead of storming the gate. I really must spend some more time searching for suburban homestead blogs... I'm sure there is a best practice for staying under the dreaded HOA radar!!

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