Sunday, October 24, 2010

frost date is approaching... warning, warning..

This summer season on the homestead was just a drill... thankfully because had we been a real homestead and not a family in suburbia - we all would have starved to death!! The 5 zucchini & 1 green pepper would not have filled our bellies! But if you measure success by learning - then boy was this the year of lessons!!

1. I learned to can! This skill would have come in handy much more had my garden actually produced food but none-the-less. Knowledge is never wasted, just sometimes deferred.

2. I learned from a visit to Colonial Williamsburg that we should intermingle our plants more. It deters pests and brings more bees.

3. I learned that soil in Georgia really needs to be nutrient tested. I don't know why it varies so much in such short distances but chances are soil will be lacking something - it's best to find out what it is before it causes a problem.

4. I can keep my little people busy for hours with an empty jar and the instruction to go de-bug the garden. Even if it doesn't take hours, they'll get distracted by nature and I'll have a free afternoon.

And I'm sure tons more - but those are the ones off of the top of my head.

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