Sunday, October 31, 2010

Menu Plan 11/1

I realized the freezer is over-flowing a bit so we're fashioning a menu plan around items on hand. As an aside, I began working part-time this summer.. I know working, grad-school & homeschooling - I'm NUTS!! But I was just a substitute for regular staff so my schedule was really flexible. I've recently accepted a permanent position which means that hubby cooks on Thursday evenings. He's capable but doesn't have much practice. So he's working on a new skill :-) And I'm supporting him by supplying easy meals that he can whip up successfully! Even while running kids to activiities.. Thank the good Lord for my wonderful supportive hubby :-) Enough gushing... and excuses for easy Thursday meals...

Monday: Chicken in a pot (one-dish crock-pot) busy night so it's a life saver!

Tuesday: Hopefully out with friends, but should the schedule not jive then we'll just have breakfast for dinner. Scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon

Wednesday: Tuna burgers on english muffins/veggies w/ dip/fresh fruit

Thursday: Tacos/corn/rice

Friday: Crab cakes/steamed veggies

Saturday: Pork chops (originally planned pork chops and rice but starting to get inspired by my crockpot cookbook to try something else..) I'd like to have a girls' day out with my little pixie so a crock pot recipe will make life easier... Hmmm suggestions?


varunner said...

I'm always so impressed with people who plan their menus in advance. I never know what I'm cooking for dinner until about 2 hours before (unless i do the crockpot - which I do a lot in winter - but that is still only planning the morning of!)

Jennifer said...

If I waited until dinner time, we would have cereal & milk every night!! Or fried egg sandwiches :)