Sunday, November 21, 2010

Advent is almost upon us!!

I hope your family is as excited about advent as ours is!! I'm starting to compile some activities for us, and thought you all might enjoy some as well:

Making an advent wreath & prayers

Longer advent prayers for older children

Catholic Mom's 2010 Advent Chain - which my little people just love doing every year!

Advent Wreath coloring page - We use a coloring page for the children every year :o) They color instead of light the candles as we go.

I hope your family is preparing for advent and even more anticipating the celebration of the birth of our Lord!

Editting to add a wonderful novena & craft idea for The Immaculate Conception ~ from In the Heart of my Home blog. I'm thrilled to participate!


Jeanette said...

Soooo doing this. As we are not Catholic, I will have to adjust a few of the suggestions, but a wonderful addition to our celebration!

Jennifer said...

Glad ya like it! :o)