Friday, November 26, 2010

Catholic Coloring Sheets

I was inspired by Simple Catholic Living's Spiritual Bouquet Post a little while back. It's been buzzing around my brain for a bit and I think I've finally chewed it enough to do something with it. We have been praying for a friend's daughter. We are now going to make her a spiritual bouquet to send as our holiday gift. In our search for fun additions to the bouquet we came across Parents' Duty. Parents' Duty is a Catholic site in support of parents with children exploring religious vocations. They have wonderful simple coloring sheets for kids. We've opted for the Rosary & Our Lady. Now while you're over there, don't forget to hit the home button and check out their home page!! It was so informative about so many vocations options!!

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Carol@simple_catholic said...

Quite a bit late, but thanks for linking to my post.

I just happened to see this now because someone linked to my blog from here. I'm sorry I didn't thank you earlier!

God bless.