Monday, November 29, 2010

It's Growing!!

The garlic (see this post) I planted a couple of weeks back has sprouted! This is a big deal because I thought I had totally screwed up.

First I was planting late for the season so potentially it would not have time to root (?) before the ground froze.. or so suggested some websites.

Secondly, the local seed garlic had all long since been sold out so I just used my grocery garlic. The down sides to this are that any disease or imperfections in the grocery garlic will of course be present in my plants. But also grocery garlic can be treated to stop from sprouting to last longer.. which would make it not grow when planted. I figured that since the seed garlic was gone, I didn't have anything to lose but the couple of cents it cost for the garlic bulb so I gave it a try... and now we have fabulous happy little sprouts!!!

The weather here has been quite warm so we have bulbs of all sorts popping up.. you may even see some baby hyacinth sprouts in the background of this picture. I hope to get them all nestled in with pine straw bed for the winter so hopefully I will continue my delight in the spring!

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