Friday, December 24, 2010

Hubby's birthday!!

For hubby's birthday I planned a day of fun at Adrenaline Climbing. It was so much fun!! I highly recommend it. We are obvious beginners and the gym was sooo beginner friendly! I called ahead to make sure we were in for a fun filled day. I needed to make sure that (1) it was kid friendly and (2) that it was beginner friendly. They offer a number of different packages and classes and wanted to budget for whatever necessary. Much to my delight, the gentleman on the line assured me that even as beginners we did not need to pay for a belaying class or assistance. Just the daily rate would be adequate (cha-ching: fun & thrift... does it get better?) They would train us upon arrival. Also I was a bit concerned as hubby is a big guy, and while I'm not in danger of being called a waif - he's got about 80 pounds on me. I had visions of him letting go of the wall and he'd hit the floor as his downward velocity forced me to meet the ceiling. But as it turns out with a little help, I learned how to keep us both safe!!

Guess what?! I did my part :) We took turns belaying for one another and when we needed a break we'd call the kids over to climb high. That's right I said call the kids over. How did we get couple time enjoying hubby's birthday with the whole pack of us? Because Adrenaline Climbing is so freakin' kid friendly!! The little people ran around climbing up walls, a ladder, some ropes & using the slide. Apparently the place is also pet friendly so the presence of a dog was enough to keep them occupied when they needed a climbing break.

I am including a pic of me actually reaching the top. This is a big deal because 1 I'm afraid of heights & 2 I'm am sooo very unathletic that it really does crossover to the humorous. But much to the credit of the fellow teaching us our introductory lesson - he didn't even laugh when I refused to go above his head!! Talk about your beginner friendly. Now if you are unlike us, and actually have some skills - don't be deterred by my beginner enthusiasm - there are whole sections of the gym that I didn't understand. The staff explained that there are other climbing techniques that require classes to be able to participate in, and they also plan climbing excursions I believe. Too fun.. Only downside? They are hours from our home :(

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