Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Resolutions...

Do you have any?

2009 I vowed to bake more. I did. So I had to join Weight Watchers ;o)

2010 I vowed to have my life better reflect my priorities. I think I did. I started grad school, we settled into our new "permanent" home, traveled to new destinations and I continue to build upon my faith foundation.

Hmmm 2011... I need to work on time management. This is a total necessity because of my & my little people's school. But also because I want to stop multitasking the important things in life. I want to block out time to focus on the people in my life that are really important. Of course this includes my family, both immediate and extended... but also those friends that have been around forever and feel like family too.

So my 2011 goal will be to get a handle on my time management... utoh facebook friends ~ I can see a definite decline in facebook time on the horizon!!!

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