Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Big Show...


My little people enjoy putting on shows for us. They usually involve making tickets, setting up a theater and a candy counter. They spend two or three days in rehearsals and set design. Finally on the big night hubby and I get front row seats to the show of the century. Or at least we act like it is :o) This show was an 'animated' performance that involved a lot of prep work ;o) First they built microphones out of tinker toys and a stage out of boxes. On top of the box, which you can't see in the video is a collection of penguins, thus the Happy Feet song. Little man climbed to the top bunk bed w/ a flash light to act as spot light technician - which is a little wild so prepare for darkness and singer. Pixie was the director which involved turning out the lights, catching any stuffed animals that fell over and laughing her butt off. Enjoy!

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