Sunday, January 9, 2011

FO #2

Hot dog, I'm on a roll!! Or I am desperately attempting to finish up all of my loose ends before the upcoming semester.. .which starts ugh.. maybe TOMORROW!! Yikes!! I should point out that I love school so much that it doesn't even bother me that life as I know it completely fails to exist during the semester. Life becomes about survival - has everyone in the family had 3 meals, brushed their hair & teeth and changed their clothes at some point in the last 24 hours? Has little pixie actually completed school work that yes even the board of education would agree was actual school work and not just really cool History Channel programming? Yes? Have I completed assignments that actually sound intelligent and not said the word 'potty' to another adult in a real conversation? Perfect... this day was a success and I'll get back at it tomorrow ;o)
No, thankfully real life isn't about survival, it's about bliss :o) And today, my bliss is that I've completed another quilt (Finished Object #2 - 2011). Crib size and alphabet blocks. My first attempt at crazy squares. I love them!! I don't have anyone in mind for this quilt yet... but I love that it's brown and red. It plays into my whole sock monkey addiction. Maybe I'll meet another lunatic mommy addicted to sock monkey color scheme who must be a bit younger than me if she's still having babies... but would totally love a hand-made quilt :o)

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