Tuesday, January 25, 2011

For the love of dogs... not for the faint of heart :(

So admittedly I've had a rough month with dogs. I'm a runner (well that's being generous, but play along). When I run I carry pepper spray for dogs, like mailmen. Mainly because when loose dogs see a slow moving runner in bright clothes I turn into a giant play toy. It's a game that includes growling and nashing of teeth. Thankfully I've never been bitten, though I think it has something to do with the pepper spray. I don't squirt it. It appears that my sudden hault and about face makes the dog question exactly how this game changed direction. Normally I can yell go home in my best mean voice and it sends them on their way. Twice this month I've had 2 dogs chase me in the street. The first one was with an owner on a walk but not on a leash. He was mean too.. growling, hair standing up. So I say to the owner, "If your dog gets any closer I have to spray him." She starts screaming at me to do it!! She comes over and hits the dog in the face with her forearm and starts cussing. At this point I'm ready to redirect my spray. Sure I don't want chased by this dog anymore, but lets face it - the real culprit is the lady who refuses to leash her dog that doesn't listen! I had another incident yesterday, similar but this owner chose to yell at me instead. It really got me to thinking that if those dogs are going to chase me into the street, then how do owners know that they aren't going to run in front of a car?

Well sadly, my answer came this evening. Tonight on my way home from work, I saw the most horrible sight. It was really dark and we don't have street lights. A couple were walking their 3 dogs. It's common here to "walk" your dog without holding a leash and actually letting it drag behind them. One of the dogs ran into traffic. He was hit and his back half was badly injured. The owners were on the sidewalk now holding the other 2 dogs and calling for help on a cell phone. Cars were just catching a glimpse of something in the road in their headlights in enough time to swerve around him. The dog lay disabled in the road attempting to pull himself out of the street with only his front paws. What a horrible, heart wrenching scene... I attempted to go back but the situation was under control. I came in sobbing so hard that hubby thought I was hurt. I wish I could wrap that moment up and deliver it to every person as their dog chases me down the street.

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Jeanette said...

I'm amazed that anyone who loves their pet would allow the possibility of it running into traffic. That's the equivalent of not buckling your kids into seatbelts in the car while driving. So irresponsible. And from now on I would keep animal control on speed dial and call on any dog that continuously chased me.