Monday, January 17, 2011

the glory of nothingness..

Our whole family traveled south this past weekend for my co-hort orientation. This is part of my library training and of course very exciting for me :o) I was surprised that my family wanted to go with me, but I guess we're a herd. Bless their hearts they drove 2 hours to busy themselves for 5 hours - only to jump back into the car for a 2 hour return trip home. But you know what? That day of nothingness was exactly what my hubby and kids really needed. Given the stress of the hospital stay this week, and my hubby's inability to sit still, everyone was a little antsy. There were too many chores undone at home to really sit back and relax. But hours away from home waiting.. hubby and the kids spent the day playing at the park and shopping for new track shoes. The kids climbed some rock walls and made goofy faces. They shared some junk food and in general shared a boring, lazy day. It reminds me of the movie Up ~ the best memories happen in life's every day moments. Ain't that the truth? I'm sorry I missed the day of nothingness, but I also fully realize that had I not had the mandatory meeting, this day of nothingness would not have occurred. And by the way, I thoroughly enjoyed my day of inspiration and motivation. I am truly blessed with an amazing group of people to share this library school experience :o)


Jeanette said...

I totally forgot to ask you how that all went! Bad friend! BAD!

Jennifer said...

Girl you have the "good friend" pass for eternity for swooping in and taking care of my little people!

priest's wife said...

I finished my master's almost 2 years ago- it is certainly better when the family sticks together and does nothing close to the person who has to do stuff!