Thursday, January 6, 2011

Granola Bar 50/50

Using this recipe over at another lunch I made these granola bars that are just heavenly. They are delicious and have some healthy attributes - like wheat germ :o) However I've taken to calling them 50/50 bars because only 50% of our house will eat them. For me there's just too many points per bar to justify the indulgence. Unless of course I saved up some excersize points for a week... but then to be honest I'd rather have Ben & Jerry's. And my non-stop starch eater has decided that she's not a granola bar fan anymore. That leaves the men in my house wolfing them down. They actually held negotiations yesterday about how many Hubby was allowed to take to work, dwindling the household supply. So in the end, I deem them worth the work and a success..

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