Friday, January 7, 2011

Jessica Darling Series

So I'm just going to address the whole series... Jessica Darling, have you heard of it? You need to check out the link to get the scoop and the descriptions without me spoiling any of the storyline... I tend to suck at book reviews for precisely that reason. So instead I'll just stick with why I love this series -

1. It's written in diary form which strikes me as "Hello, God, it's me Margaret." Which if that even rings a bell for you, you might be thinking that we're a bit old for the series ;o) But truly, we are not.. teen and early adult angst is not something easily forgotten.

2. I fell in love with the characters in books 1 and 2. In books 3 and 4 they came alive. They made choices I hated, I clucked my tongue and shook my head. I love that they aren't flat, the story isn't predicable. The characters are on the ride of their lives and we get to follow along.

3. There doesn't seem to be a flat charicature in the bunch. And that is refreshing.


Melissa said...

I haven't heard of these. I have a couple books lined up to read, but may have to add these in next. Need to keep the hopper full so I can keep my New Year's reading goal. Too old for them? many grown women read the Twilight series?!?! :o)

Jennifer said...

Have you read the twilight series? I have not, though am starting to feel like I should ... though by the time I could, it wouldn't really matter anymore. I guess.