Saturday, January 8, 2011

A little horse back love...

This is our wonderful horseback teacher caring for our poor, poor Skip. He seems to be on them mend and we are thrilled!
But poor Melissa has her hands full with all of these characters!! The horse on the left is Amber. She's coming to check out what's going on out there. Seems her & Skip are some sort of item.. fancy that. LOL. Amber is able to let herself in and out which is just a hoot to watch.
Here's 2 new baby cows busy checkin' my truck out. They are the bossiest little stinkers you'd ever meet! Poor Melissa had to install some winter spickets on the hoses to prevent them freezing. Either the horses or the baby cows figured out how to turn them on! She comes out to a flooded space most mornings! I tell ya her animals are more like a preschool class than anything else :o) I just love her stories so much I know I talk her ear off!! But alas - they did get some ridin' in on a chilly, windy day!

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