Tuesday, January 11, 2011

LP (Little Pixie) FO#1

Turns out my little has caught the craft bug... well she's always had it as evidenced by the little beads and snip-its of paper that can always be found hiding in the corners of her room. And really let's just say it, I know you hate me when you buy my daughter pony beads. It's nearly the female equivalent of a drum set. Those things are impossible to keep stored neatly.. or maybe it's just at my house.

ANYWHO... Little pixie has a loom which she has been using to make custom book marks for all of her favorite people :o) The are all custom detailed to match their interests.. piano teacher has cats, horseback teacher... you guessed it, horses! And little brother received fish & bugs!! Her only request.. could I please load some on etsy.. she wants to earn some money to buy a bunny. Um.. no.

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Jeanette said...

Great job P! I agree with the pony beads. I think the same could be said about giving a toddler anything that plays music and doesn't have an 'off' switch. (Psst-P, my girl would love one of these!)